Where We Came From

Avidan Management

Avidan Management, L.L.C. is a family owned and operated real estate development company with deep roots in Northern New Jersey.​ ​In business for over 40 years, the company specializes in industrial/commercial real estate development. Avidan, through its affiliates and subsidiaries, owned and managed warehouses and distribution facilities that served the major population centers in the Northeast. Their focus was primarily on multi-purpose facilities, which were comprised of big-box, refrigerated, and flex buildings. Avidan has extensive experience developing, owning and operating buildings located in Port Newark-Elizabeth, NJ. Their company headquarters of 40 years was located in Port Newark-Elizabeth in a multi-tenant office building developed and maintained by Avidan.

Avidan has been involved in all aspects of real estate development including construction, acquisition, financing, leasing and day-to-day operations with its former 3-million-square-foot portfolio of warehouse distribution centers, industrial parks, office buildings and flex/high-tech buildings that were owned and managed by various entities controlled by the Avidan family. Avidan’s portfolio was sold to New York Life in 2012 and at the time was one of the largest portfolio sales of industrial properties in Northern New Jersey.

Avidan is known throughout the New Jersey real estate industry for maximizing the energy efficiency of its former portfolio. Within 2011 alone, Avidan completed two of the most significant energy efficiency upgrades in the state.


While maintaining its core beliefs and experience, the focus and direction of Avidan Management has evolved through the formation of its subsidiary, The Avidan Group, L.L.C. (TAG). With a new expanded mission and vision for the future, TAG is expanding into other areas and towards the development of new relationships.

TAG is dedicated to being in the forefront of industry trends that strongly position their team to meet the needs of today’s modern companies now and in the future. TAG’s passion is delivery best-in-class facilities and top-quality service that exceeds expectations and improves their tenant and partners’ bottom lines. TAG’s success will be derived from their belief that “relationships matter”. TAG is more than a landlord; they are partners with each and every one of their tenants.