Avi Avidan & Josh Avidan at the ribbon cutting of 145 Talmadge Road

Avidan Management understands the need for energy-efficient alternatives.

In 2011 Avidan Management, partnering with PSE&G, completed what was, at the time of completion, the biggest roof-mounted solar installation in the United States. Located at 145 Talmadge Road, in Edison, NJ, the 4.26 megawatt system was installed on the buildings 17 acre rooftop. The system produces over 5 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, enough to meet over half of the electrical-power needs of the building’s seventeen commercial tenants.The installation was part of PSE&G’s Solar Loan Program, which makes solar energy systems accessible to building and facility owners in PSE&G’s electric service territory.

Click HERE to read a PSE&G’s case study on this project. 

Always committed to providing continuous improvements for their tenants, Avidan embarked on a second solar installation the following year, again partnering with PSE&G. Consisting entirely of American-Made materials, like their previous solar project, the 2.2-megawatt solar electrical system will, over its lifespan, reduce carbon emissions by 48,573 tons, and will service more than 90% of the facility’s power needs. 

“Avidan is committed to stewardship”, said Avi Avidan, Managing Member of Avidan Management. “We recognize and embrace our responsibility to make smart decisions that are not only good for our business, but also for the tenants and the communities that we serve.

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